Your "Independent" Genuinely Pro EU Candidate - South East England
23 May 2019 European Parliamentary Elections

Michael Jeffrey Turberville

Love, Hate, Ambivalent, Undecided, Uncertain about the European Union:
"Vote for your Independent Pro EU Candidate"
Your vote for the Independent Candidate who is Deeply Pro European Union and I will never be tied and bound to stagnate or constantly Shifting Political Party Dictats and Dogma.
Voting for a Political Party is pick and mix as to who you will or will not get as your MEP.
A vote for the Independent Candidate ensures you 'Know' you are voting for the candidate you marked your X on the ballot.
Vote to KEEP us in the EU because the European Union is our best future."

Virtually All of the South East of England voted to Remain in the European Union.
The sitting MPs chose to ignore the fact Brexit would be the final act of all former Empires - collapse to their central cores and imploding. The tories have attempted to plough Brexit through Parliament without logic and thinking of the consequences and forgetting they are in office to serve We the People. In their self centred arrogance, they constantly put their personal political careers above the what is best for the nation and the people.

* I am the candidate with a vision for a better, brighter future for the United Kingdom in and for the European Union.
* Being neither Left or Right: I fully support when a policy perspective works for the benefit of All - use it as I will never be shackled to politcal party 'whips'.
* Other candidates are all tied and bound to their party's political dogma and refuse to consider all options and moving forward with the most Logical and reasoned best way forward.
* All Legislation must pass a Logic and reason Test before it can become statutory legislation.
* No secret behind closed door negotiations.
* Total Transparency.
* Ending politician's use of fear mongering and social nudging thus enabling those who represent us to have a better public relationship with we the people.
* An Absolute End to this Brexit nonsense: We are all Europeans, xenophobia and racism have no place in our lives in the 21st Century.

* A vote for me is a 'proxy referendum' vote to Remain in the EU because we have the same values as our European Union Family. We share the same ethos in our work and life balance.
* My Election Position and Personal Positions is "We the people of the UK are Better in the EU Forever" and should not be continually kicking the can down the never-ending road to on a would-be sinking tax haven island off the coast of the largest economic zone on Earth.
* I am PRO EU and would work with other like-minded MEPs to bring a better tomorrow to All Citizens and Residents of the EU and EFTA.
* I share your same desires for a voice of Logic and Reason in this time of Lies, Mis-information, Jingoism, Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, etc etc... These negative self-interests should never be a part of any elected person's private and / or public life.

* We need a voice at the EU Table because if we are not at the Table, we are on the Menu.
* We do not want our UK to be on our EU Menu and definitely do Not want us to be on the USA Menu. * It is very apparent any UK/USA bilateral trade would only make the UK a subservient market for their products without any say in the rules and regulations that safeguard everything from Food to Air and Water! * We do not want nor need the USA (Trump) shipping to the UK food and drinks with hormones, antibiotics, chlorine, or HFCS. (the list is very long)
* We do not want nor need the USA Healthcare Owners meddling in our NHS or any EU Health-care system as we know the USA Health and big Pharm would break anything they can into pieces and we would lose out Universal Health Care (and EHIC) with no payment at point of service.
* Anyone, Business, Governments of world can sell us goods and services but only if and when they Meet our EU-wide Standards. Being outside we would be cloning EU regulations and we would not have any ministers nor MEPs to represent we the people.
* Please Say No to substandard goods and services entering our daily lives either directly or via back doors being wedged open by those who have vested Personal Economic Interests.

I would work with all in governments to make every tomorrow better than yesterday because all Legislation would be Logical and Reasoned without any based on certain individuals personal whims. The legislation on the statute books in the UK and other member nations still have far too many errors of history. It is time for only Modern Legislation for the roaring twenties of our century.

I Love my ability to Travel, EHIC, Work, Live, Shop, Buy, Sell, Trade in the world's largest Economic and Political Union.

I Love that I do not have to change my money into dozens of different currencies and without Mobile Phone Roaming Charges.

I Love how we can travel throughout the European Union with comfort of thought the food, drink, good, services, etc - All meet the CE Standards.

I Love we have not had a major war anywhere in the European Union since my parents served and met during the last war. When Europe goes to war, so does the world.

I Love the Troubles in Northern Ireland ceased over 20 years ago with the full participation and backing of the European Union.

I Love so many things about and related to the European Union, this page could easily be an Encyclopaedia or reading War and Peace. We have generations who have known only peace. I will not allow it in my name.

Yes, there are some aspects of the European Union that can be better, but only by being a Full Member will we be able to make all our Tomorrows better than our Yesterdays for All with No one being left behind.

Think about something you Love about the European Union: Think of your Love when you vote for the candidate of your choice.

Click below for my Parliamentary work as the Chairman of the Non-Governmental Organisation CAMPAIGNS UKM.
We continually Lobby Parliament for British Women to be recognised with the same legal right, parity, as British Men in Citizenship and Nationality Issues.
British Women in 2019 should not still be the chattle of their father nor their husband in Citizenship and Nationality Issues.

Michael Turberville
+44 7427.694.794